Start Early! The Undeniable Benefits of STEM Education in Elementary School

Start Early! The Undeniable Benefits of STEM Education in Elementary School



By Lifestyle

Ever wonder how many kids enjoy working with numbers and solving problems?

According to recent polls, about 46% of American youth like (or love) their math classes in school. While this may go against all you thought you knew, it’s been proven true!

Nurturing this love of STEM education in children is essential to their success. Read on to learn the specifics on why this is the case!

Creates Young Innovators
Children are generally more creative than adults are. This is because their prefrontal cortex– the area where memory is stored- is still developing. They’re more open-minded thinkers and see things in a more imaginative and abstract way than adults do. Where an adult will see things exactly as they are, a child will put an imaginative twist on these same objects and ideas.

Because children are so imaginative, they’re likely to look at mathematical and scientific concepts in a more fluid way than adults are. They’ll try to apply these concepts in many areas of their lives and will innovate ways that math can be used to understand previously indefinable concepts.

Builds Critical Thinking Skills
In addition to making children innovate more, working with numbers and scientific concepts helps them build critical thinking skills. They’re more likely to be able to solve problems on their own and apply their knowledge to various situations. Because science helps children develop a higher sense of curiosity, which ensures that they’ll also be interested in solving these problems and trying new things to see what happens.

Helps Children Discover Their Passions
Learning STEM and going to math tutoring regularly also gives young children more opportunities to explore and discover what they’re passionate about. It exposes them to diverse interests so that they can determine where their interests and passions lie.

Whether a child loves solving equations or enjoyed the buoyancy unit in school, they (and their parents) will have an early idea of what they might like to learn more about going forward. They can learn more on their own and join clubs when they move forward to middle and high school that pertain to these interests. In this way, teaching kids STEM early gives them more time to nurture their passions.

Prepares Students for Success
With such a competitive job market, people need to ensure that they go into growing, ever-evolving fields. Not only has the number of STEM jobs grown by 79% since 1990, but this statistic shows no inclination to decline in the near future. STEM workers also tend to make about 26% more than people in other fields do, so nurturing an interest in math and science can help kids to be more financially stable when they join the workforce.

By giving kids a solid background in STEM, you’re making the conscious effort to invest in their future. When they grow an interest in these fields that lasts a lifetime, they’re sure to be successful and happy in their later lives.

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