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Malaysia STEM Update

All update and reach in STEM Malaysia

Science in the home boosts children’s academic success



By Lynda Colgan 

Did you know that children spend just 14 per cent of their waking time between Kindergarten and the end of Grade 12 in school?

Intel Supporting High School Esports



By Dian Schaffhauser

Intel will be supporting esports in high schools. The chipmaker has signed on as a sponsor with Generation Esports (GenE), a company that runs a competitive high school league, providing prizes, "loot crates" and promotion for the events

NVIDIA Joins with AI Pathways Program to Expand Access to AI and Robotics Education

By David Nagel

NVIDIA has entered into a three-year partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Pennsylvania (BGCWPA) to support the AI Pathways Institute, a program that exposes students to artificial intelligence and robotics education.

Benefits of Digital Learning Over Traditional Education Method



By Panworld Education

Digital learning is replacing traditional educational methods more and more each day. With how rapidly classrooms are changing, it is best to forget methods you may remember from when you were in school and start thinking about newer teaching and learning techniques based on digital learning tools and technologies.

Innovative STEM Curriculum Makes Highland School’s Distance Learning a Success

By Middleburg Eccentric

At Highland School – a PK-12 independent school in Warrenton, Virginia – the sudden pivot to distance learning in March was virtually seamless. Highland’s faculty leaders and students credit the school’s longtime commitment to innovative teachers.

Making science more equitable, starting with 101

By Emily Ayshford

A new collaborative project aims to make introductory STEM courses successful for everyone.

Physicist Tim McKay has taught enough introductory physics courses to know what many university students think about them: They are difficult. You will get a lower grade in them than in your other courses. And worst of all: If you don’t do well, then you probably weren’t meant to study science after all.

WKU professor honored for work in STEM education

By Aaron Mudd

A Western Kentucky University professor who’s shaping the next generation of Kentucky’s math and science teachers has been recognized for her achievements in science, technology, engineering and math education.

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